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    Master Translation Service (MTS), based in Xiamen, the famous port city in Southeast China, was founded to meet the translation needs of imported projects and growing international business activities in China. Today MTS is a well-established translation bureau, boasting a management team with technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, and a strong full-time translator force and huge free-lance network. MTS is now serving clients throughout China and Western countries.

    ◆ Rapid translation by experts in your industry

    MTS provides complete technical translation and interpreting services by experienced, qualified experts with at least five years of demonstrated excellence in compliance-intensive industries. Its strong full-time translator force and huge free-lance network as well as its close tie with science & technical information departments in all industries in China ensures right translators with specific skill and industrial background for any job and rapid turnaround of thousands of pages in all major languages on the most highly specialized subjects.

    ◆ Strict Quality Control

    MTS tests and certifies all translators and experts in an ISO 9000-compliant process and all translators are classified into three grades by which we assign translation tasks. In addition, an organizational structure has been well established to utilize its resources effectively and flexibly as well as an operating procedure to control translation quality. As a rule in MTS, unqualified translator shall not engage in any formal translation, no project shall be finished without passing the formal operating procedure, and every task shall be double-checked, then rechecked by a second expert, then re-edited after client review.

    ◆ Total translation solutions

    The ability to globalize and internationalize with full capability on design, desktop publishing, audiovisual production, localization and print is unique to MTS. Its main strengths are advanced international typesetting capabilities and multi-platform capabilities.

    ◆ Interpreting services

    MTS also provides interpreting services at all levels, including simultaneous and consecutive court, conference, and escort interpreting. Other on-site services include narrators and bilingual directors for audiovisual productions.

    ◆ As a subcontractor

    MTS has extensive experience of acting as a subcontractor carrying out work for translation agencies based in various countries and regions around the globe. The secret to our success is really quite simple: our customers work only with native-language experts living in the native environment experienced and knowledgeable in their business.

    Address: Unit J-I, 15 Fl., Huangda Building, No. 28 Houdaixi Road, Xiamen 361004, P. R. China.
    Tel: +86-592-5185976 5185977 5185112   Fax: +86-592-5185755
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