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    ◆ Competitive Rate

    The Internet provides us a new mode of business. It enables us to manage an extensive network of professional translators as well as to keep our administration costs down to a minimum. That is why we can offer you the lowest possible prices and still pay our translators adequate rates. However, as translation costs vary depending on the language, length, deadline requirements, level of difficulty and complexity of work involved, each project has to be evaluated separately.

    ◆ Translation fees vary from project to project

    We never blindly quote prices without first reviewing the (sample of) material to be translated. The project manager examines the text when a copy of document is received at our office, then formulate a time and cost estimate by the word content and level of difficulty. Generally, charges are based on a per-word rate that ranges from as low as $0.03 up to $0.06 per-word, decided by the technical nature of document. A daily rate is applicable for interpreters. Our prices are very competitive, but we will never offer an unreasonable low rate at the cost of quality. The details you provide will enable MTS initially to provide you with a full quotation, and subsequently, we hope, to complete your project more efficiently, by ensuring that we are fully aware of your specific requirements from the outset. Usually we include the following services into our quote:

    1. Translation;
    2. Word processing and standard text layout;
    3. A copy of laser printer output;
    4. A hard copy and disk copy of the translated document;
    5. Document delivery (via fax, e-mail )

    ◆ Rush Service

    The turnaround time necessary to complete a translation will depend on the volume, and technical nature of the material to be translated. Generally, the daily workload of our translation is approximately 3,000 words. To ensure highest quality translation, we make only realistic assessments of turnaround time. For urgent documents, rush service is available. Any rush charges will be agreed upon ahead of time.

    ◆ Free Estimate

    To obtain a quote for your particular project, please complete the Order Form for Free Estimate or call MTS at 86-592-5185159/5185733 or fax your document to 86-592-5185755 today. There's no cost. And no obligation.

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